Pinterest Day 1: Daddy Toolbox

I love Pinterest, probably as much as the next person. For me it’s a great place to get ideas and recipes and just put some creativity in your life (or let you know that you definitely need something you didn’t know before.) But for me it’s also a giant list, that has 2000+ things on it. Now I love lists but also completion so Pinterest is like a giant goal to complete. Therefore for me I’ve challenged myself to complete a months worth of pins this month! F, my husband, looked at my like I was insane when I told him this.

Yesterday was day one. Now for F, I’m thinking he needs more prep for our little girl coming in a few months than me. Me I know she’s there’s all the time since ya know she’s living in me, but for him he has a hard time with it I think. So my first project was making him a daddy toolbox. 😁

My Pinspiration:
Source: Life With Team Carroll Blog

My Result:
All the ingredients: toolbox, diapers, wipes, travel size baby cleaning supplies, Vaseline, sanitizer, pacifiers, nasal aspirator, tongs, protective eyewear, bandaids, rubber gloves, baby blanket, toys/teethers, adorable onesie.
Had to spruce it up a bit…
All packed in…I really could have used a bigger toolbox but also didn’t want to take away with an enormous box!
I’m going to add a personalized note to it from the baby before I give it to him. I’m thinking at one of the baby showers! Hoping he likes it 🙂 Will try to remember to update with resulting response!